Marketing strategy is worthless without the ability to execute. Yet, plans derail when executing team members quit, recruits run dry, and knowledge gaps are present. ROMI Lab boosts your capacity with a Manager On Demand; top-tier execution from a seasoned professional marketer.

What Are Manager On Demand Services?

Manager On Demand services aren't bound by a single tactic or campaign. Instead, you receive an experienced professional marketer ready and able to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. This is a temporary solution for businesses who need marketing execution now. Common execution includes project coordination, content strategy, writing, email marketing, and digital execution.


ROMI Lab’s Approach to Manager On Demand Services

A Manager On Demand works with entrepreneurs and small teams to provide winning marketing campaign strategies and execution. They have the strategic and technical knowledge to get down to business and execute on marketing tasks.

Why a Manager On Demand

  • Make decisions with data

    The best way to win at marketing is to meticulously track wins and loses. This means learning from your competitors’ successes and failures (via 3rd party data), as well as adjusting your own strategies (via 1st party data). This ROI methodology is a game-changer, and your Manager On Demand will show you how it’s done.

  • Employ only the best modern marketing methods

    The power of marketing has exploded. But even still, businesses continue to employ the same tired marketing strategies with diminishing returns. Your Manager On Demand will expose you to the highest-impact marketing strategies that modern technology has to offer.

  • Get access to a team of CMO's

    At the core of ROMI Lab’s Manager On Demand service is knowledge. Each Manager On Demand (MOD) has worked on hundreds of marketing campaigns. What’s more, you’ll be tapping into the minds of our entire team. How? Your MOD sits at internal CMO round tables to discuss your account. This brings numerous minds together to provide you the best possible performance.

  • Save your time and budget

    Behind every great marketer is a history of failures – campaign strategies and execution that just didn’t pan out. These are the battle scars that make marketers great and the lessons that last. Your Manager On Demand (MOD) gained this experience so you don’t have to walk the same brutal path. Instead, your MOD will fast-track your campaigns, saving you years of struggle and a pile of wasted budget.

  • "The raw marketing knowledge that ROMI Lab brings to the table is unbelievable. Beyond that, they have developed a methodology that is undeniable in its effectiveness. I definitely recommend them as an alternative to a traditional CMO."
    ~Yari Nieken, Principle, Foremost Capital

  • “ROMI Lab is a go-to force for marketing tech and strategy. Their ability to use data to guide marketing decisions, and even mold departments, is supremely impressive.”
    ~Dave Greenway, CFO & Director, KOPR Point Ventures

  • “We came to ROMI Lab to get our marketing on track. In the first 90-days, ROMI Lab brought clarity to our brand strategy, marketing department, and investment structure. It was just what we needed.”
    ~ Jorah Porteous, Principle, TerreWär

  • “The level of sheer marketing understanding at ROMI Lab is extremely noticeable. The exposure and guidance we receive from our marketing coach is always impressive and eye-opening.”
    ~Carson Green, Realtor, Wallace Green Real Estate


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