Grow With Us

Career success is inherently linked to the people you surround yourself with - your network, your clients, your team. These are the influencers who impact your road to marketing leadership. ROMI Lab offers marketers an opportunity to join an ambitious team and grow their career from tactical execution to C-suite marketing management, all under one hood.

Careers at ROMI Lab are best suited for marketers looking to expand their skill set in data, granular marketing strategy, and executive-level management.

Your Path-to-Partnership

It’s no secret that serious marketers crave experience, autonomy, collaboration, and a clear path to career growth. Looking around, it is astonishing how rare it is to actually find all this at play in a single opportunity. This is why ROMI Lab created a business model that encourages our talent to polish their marketing chops across the entire marketing stack, all while pursuing a path toward becoming a firm partner.

Our Culture

We stand TALL in everything we do.

  • Trust - in our team
  • Ambition - in our pursuits
  • Learn - every day
  • Lead - with confidence and humility

We work hard to achieve a healthy mix of fun, accomplishment, and accountability. As a growing business, there is ample opportunity to take ownership of passion projects and pursuits that align with our business plan.

Our Services

We specialize in fractional marketing services - providing structure, leadership and strategy to growing businesses that lack marketing knowledge and direction internally. We do this by assuming roles as CMOs and Directors within the organization. From there, we utilize client teams, internal teams, and our expansive network of partners and vendors.

Our marketing strategies are a mix of digital and traditional media channels (digital-forward).

Current Job Openings

  • Marketing Manager

    North Vancouver, BC

    $65,000 – $80,000 annually


    The Marketing Manager role at ROMI Lab is a rare and unique opportunity to expand your marketing skill-set in a diverse and supported business environment. The Marketing Manager role offers experience across numerous industries, marketing channels, strategy, and technology. All-the-while, you will be groomed by Fractional CMOs and Marketing Directors toward reaching your full-potential as an executive marketing professional. It is truly one of the most unique career paths available to marketers today.


    ROMI Lab’s mission is to lead business growth by growing leaders. This highlights our commitment to provide both the opportunities and scaffolding needed for our team members to grow in their careers toward the C-suite (a long and rewarding path).


    Applicants should have a solid understanding of pay-per-click advertising (PPC), as well as a writer’s grasp of the English language.


    Your primary responsibilities will include:

    • Marketing project management and coordination.
    • Organizing and executing marketing plans.
    • Liaising with agency partners and managing vendor projects.
    • Writing content (both digital and traditional).
    • Creating email automation campaigns.
    • Auditing websites for user experience and optimal conversion rate.
    • Conducting market research and competitor analyses.
    • Tasking client team members with marketing assignments.
    • Coordinating trade-shows.


    You will manage advertising campaigns. This will include:

    • Google Ads.
    • Facebook Ads.
    • Google Analytics.
    • Google Tag Manager.
    • *SEO knowledge is an asset but not required.


    You will also support ROMI Lab’s internal corporate marketing efforts. This will include:

    • Coordination of speaking engagements.
    • Coordination of podcast guests.
    • (minor) Video editing and formatting.


    To succeed in this position, you must have:

    • At least 2-years of demonstrated experience in digital ad management (specifically Google Ads and Facebook Ads).
    • A T-shaped skill-set, reflecting deep understanding in digital advertising, with a broad set of additional supporting skills.
    • Professional and creative writing skills (email writing, business writing, marketing copy, etc.).
    • Be extremely organized, detail oriented and thrive in changing task environment.
    • Experience with project management software (Asana, Basecamp, etc.).
    • Hunger to learn technical marketing skills (both supported and self-initiated).
    • Beginner knowledge of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
    • Working knowledge of Google Suite products.
    • Excellent oral communication skills.
    • Excellent analytical and organizational skills.


    To grow beyond this position, you must have:

    • A drive to understand and contribute to business and marketing in general, not just digital marketing.
    • A confident and approachable persona that will foster trust in your clients and team.
    • A tireless work ethic and passion for marketing, data and teamwork.
    • Eagerness and curiosity to improve one’s self in all aspects of being a business professional.


    Why ROMI Lab:

    • Great opportunities for growth with a company in its early stages of fruition.
    • Learn from seasoned and respected marketing professionals.
    • Opportunities to expand into all areas of marketing.
    • Competitive salary and vacation time.
    • Fun and flexible working environment.
    • Parking or transit pass included.
    • Office gym access included.
    • Comprehensive benefits plan.
    • Beautiful office right next to Lonsdale Quay.


    How to Apply:

    Send your resume and cover letter to [email protected].

  • Fractional CMO

    *Although there isn’t currently an opening for this position, we are always open to receiving resumes from qualified candidates at any time.


    Are you a senior-level marketing leader who is ready to do your most meaningful and high-impact work within a peer group of professional marketers? If so, keep reading.

    We believe that marketing and the caliber of marketing leadership is the #1 reason companies fail or succeed to scale-up. Yet growing businesses still find it difficult to justify the sizeable expense of a senior full-time marketing resource, like a Chief Marketing Officer. ROMI Lab’s Fractional CMO service offers the bridge to executive-level marketing leadership – and all the yield that comes along with it. Our proven methodology takes all the components of the modern marketing stack into consideration.

    Our clients engage ROMI Lab when they recognize that next-level growth will mean moving away from “random acts of marketing”. Our Fractional CMOs provide leadership that turns marketing into a strategic, sustained and sales-aligned growth engine.

    This is where you come in. We need a senior-level marketing leader to help our fractional CMO clients to push their marketing to the limit and achieve their growth objectives. You will be working with 2-4 client accounts at any given time, usually for a period of 18-24 months, helping to lead, build, and scale marketing programs that fuel measurable growth.

    What makes you uniquely-equipped for this role?

    • Strong history and reference-supported track record of success in marketing leadership.
    • Proven ability to collaborate with C-Suite leaders and elevate marketing as a strategic partner in the business, aligned to overall growth objectives.
    • 10+ years of marketing leadership experience, with at least 3+ years at Director, VP or CMO level.
    • Must have full-time, in-house, senior-level experience for a minimum of 3+ years.
    • Experience in building and leading marketing teams.
    • Expert at integrating external agency and vendor services to marketing program mix.
    • Must have experience across all core aspects of marketing leadership and the modern marketing stack, including:
        • Strategy, planning & budget-management;
        • Staffing, management & talent resourcing;
        • Brand & messaging;
        • Sales & marketing alignment;
        • Content marketing & demand generation;
        • Channel / alliance marketing (bonus);
        • Experience in solution selection, integration, and strategy management for marketing technologies, including: CRM, marketing automation, social media, digital advertising, CMS, data & analytics, and more;
        • Experience translating marketing metrics into C-Suite insights and proof of revenue impact;
    • Interest in public speaking engagements is a strong bonus.
    • Superb analytical skills.
    • Demonstrated ability to lead and inspire a team.
    • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Passionate customer advocacy.
    • Thorough knowledge of marketing principles, brand, product and service management.
    • Deep understanding of changing market dynamics.
    • You stand TALL by living and believing in ROMI Lab’s corporate values of Trust, Ambition, Learn and Lead.


    Why ROMI Lab:

    • ROMI Lab is leading business growth by growing leaders. We invest in each other to share learnings, solve problems, and help our team and clients to constantly expand skills and experiences.
    • Great opportunities for growth with a company in its early stages of fruition.
    • Learn from and with seasoned and respected marketing professionals.
    • Opportunities to expand into all areas of marketing.
    • Competitive salary and vacation time.
    • Performance-based bonus program.
    • Health and dental benefits package.
    • Parking spot or transit pass included.
    • Office gym access included.
    • Fun and flexible working environment.
    • Beautiful office right next to Lonsdale Quay.


    How to Apply:
    Send your resume and cover letter to [email protected].

  • "The raw marketing knowledge that ROMI Lab brings to the table is unbelievable. Beyond that, they have developed a methodology that is undeniable in its effectiveness. I definitely recommend them as an alternative to a traditional CMO."
    ~Yari Nieken, Principle, Foremost Capital

  • “ROMI Lab is a go-to force for marketing tech and strategy. Their ability to use data to guide marketing decisions, and even mold departments, is supremely impressive.”
    ~Dave Greenway, CFO & Director, KOPR Point Ventures

  • “We came to ROMI Lab to get our marketing on track. In the first 90-days, ROMI Lab brought clarity to our brand strategy, marketing department, and investment structure. It was just what we needed.”
    ~ Jorah Porteous, Principle, TerreWär

  • “The level of sheer marketing understanding at ROMI Lab is extremely noticeable. The exposure and guidance we receive from our marketing coach is always impressive and eye-opening.”
    ~Carson Green, Realtor, Wallace Green Real Estate